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Wear Resistant Piping , Mining Hose & Hoppers

Building Durable Solutions

At Almond Rock Resources, we know downtime due to wear and tear on piping & mining hose systems can cost your mining operations dearly. That's why we offer a robust range of wear-resistant piping solutions designed to withstand the harshest environments and demanding materials.

Built to endure, our piping caters to diverse applications:

  • Fixed plant: Protect your critical processing equipment with our wear-resistant piping and mining hose ideal for slurry transport, concentrate handling, and abrasive material transfer within your plant.

  • Tailings lines: Keep your tailings management efficient and reliable with our heavy-duty piping solutions, built to handle even the most aggressive slurries and high-volume flow. Imported and costed to ensure project success

  • Hoppers: Minimize downtime and optimize wear-resistant performance with our flexible hopper solutions.

  • Modular liners: Our modular liners offer quick and easy replacement, reducing maintenance time and costs. They are available in a variety of wear-resistant materials to suit your specific needs.



Almond Rock Resources offers a diverse range of wear lining solutions specifically designed to shield your equipment and maximize uptime. Here's how our key materials excel against these harsh environments:


Natural Rubber:

  • Ideal for: Moderate slurries with potential impact.

  • Benefits: Flexible and impact-resistant, absorbing blows and reducing noise. Well-suited for low- to medium-wear applications.

SiC (Silicon Carbide) :

  • Ideal for: Extreme wear conditions, high temperatures, and chemical exposure.

  • Benefits: Unmatched abrasion resistance, even against highly aggressive slurries. Withstands extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals.

Al2O3 Ceramic:

  • Ideal for: High-wear applications with dry or wet slurries.

  • Benefits: Exceptional abrasion resistance, exceeding most other materials. Tile design facilitates easy replacement of worn sections. Cost-effective option for high-wear zones.


  • Ideal for: Moderate slurries with impact and material buildup concerns.

  • Benefits: Absorbs impact, reduces noise, and minimizes material adhesion for smoother flow and easier cleaning. Lightweight and flexible, simplifying installation.

Why Choose Almond Rock?

  • Expert guidance: Our team helps you select the perfect lining for your specific application and slurry challenges.

  • Competitive pricing and lead times: Get the best value without compromising quality or experiencing lengthy delays.

  • Unwavering quality: We adhere to rigorous standards, ensuring reliable performance and lasting protection for your investment.

Contact us today! Let our experts help you choose the ideal wear lining solution to conquer wet abrasive slurries and optimize your mining operations for long-lasting success.

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