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3D Scanning, Structural Inspections, Design and Fabrication

At Almond Rock Resources, we can provide essential services for your structural needs. Our 3D Scanning and Structural Inspections services include cutting-edge 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Modelling, Site Structural Inspections, Risk Rating Matrix development, and the preparation of Serious Defect Notices, Defect Location Mark-ups, Defect Registers, and comprehensive Structural Integrity Reports with advanced engineering solutions.

In the Design and Fabrication realm, we offer meticulous shop detailing, supplying a wide range of structural components such as steel, handrails, gratings, piping support, rails, clips, hoppers, and bins. Our expertise extends to designing and packaging bundles of up to 11.5 meters in length, which fit seamlessly into standard 40 ft containers. Whether you require services at our FOB location or need delivery to your preferred port, Almond Rock Resources is committed to providing the precise and comprehensive solutions you require.

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