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Welcome to Almond Rock Resources

Design and Fabrication of Fixed Plant, 

Wear Resistant Slurry Piping and Mining Hose


Almond Rock Resources specialises in complex metalwork fabrication for the mining industry. We craft wear-resistant carbon steel piping, mining hoses, and intricate fixed plant modules.


Our experienced team tackles projects of all sizes, from rock shedders to bespoke conveyor frames. We utilise advanced techniques and 3D scanning technology to ensure precision and seamless integration with existing infrastructure.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and explore how Almond Rock Resources can contribute to your project's success.


Wear Resistant Piping

Almond Rock Resources offers a comprehensive range of wear-resistant carbon steel piping solutions for demanding applications. Featuring diverse liner options like natural rubber, SiC, ceramic AL2O3, and Polyurethane, we cater to specific challenges ranging from moderate abrasion to highly corrosive environments. Additionally, our ceramic-lined mining hoses combine strength and abrasion resistance for optimal performance.

Our expert design and fabrication team, coupled with competitive pricing, ensures you receive customised solutions tailored to your budget and needs. With a proven track record in Western Australia, we're the trusted partner for conquering wear and tear challenges. Contact us today to discuss your project and experience the Almond Rock difference


Fabrication Package ready for Container

Supplying a wide range of structural components such as fixed plant modules, handrails, gratings, piping support, rails, hoppers, and bins. Our expertise extends to designing and packaging bundles of up to 11.5 meters in length, which fit seamlessly into standard 40 ft containers.


Whether you require FOB or need delivery to your project site via a Pilbara port, Almond Rock Resources is committed to providing the precise and comprehensive solutions you require.


Engineering Solutions for the Mining Industry

Almond Rock Resources: Your Partner for Quality Design and Fabrication


Who We Are

About Almond Rock Resources

Almond Rock Resources offers design and fabrication services for wear-resistant slurry piping, metalwork, and mining hose. Our team of experienced professionals utilises advanced technologies to ensure the quality and efficiency of your project. We have a proven track record in the industry, tackling projects of various sizes and complexities.

Our Services

At Almond Rock Resources, we provide a range of services to meet your Piping & Fabrication needs.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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